Amplify simplifies the use of digital advertising platforms.

Digital advertising platforms are complex and time consuming to understand and implement effective advertising. All platforms are different and it is necessary to set up and configure many elements to get started (setting up the Facebook business, the Facebook ad account, the tracking pixel, the facebook page, etc.) and to understand each concept and platform. It's a a lot of work that, to be done properly, requires a solid knowledge of digital advertising. Furthermore, Amplify doesn't limit itself to boosting posts (a simple and less effective solution), but helps you to create your advertisement to maximise its impact.

With Amplify, you don't have to set up or understand these different platforms.

With Amplify all your ads are centralized in one place and the system will automatically choose the best locations for your business (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter) and optimise the impact of the ads you create.

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