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How much does a campaign cost on amplify?
How much does a campaign cost on amplify?
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There are several pricing formulas.

STARTER: You are in control of your advertising budget, Amplify takes a 20% commission plus VAT. We recommend a minimum of CHF 50.00/month and an ad campaign to be broadcast continuously to start measuring its impact. This formula is recommended for occasional users.

PLUS: monthly subscription of CHF 39.00/month. You are free to define your budget and pay no commission. You can run your advertising campaign on all distribution channels, directly from your account on social networks (if you wish). You benefit from the team's assistance to check the quality of your ad and optimize the results of your campaign. This formula is recommended for users who want to establish the reputation of their companies and ensure visibility throughout the year.

PREMIUM: monthly subscription of CHF 99.00/month. You benefit from the amplify experience and personalized assistance, from the creation of your advertising campaign to its diffusion, everything is set up for you. You don't have to worry about anything but taking care of your new customers!

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