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How much budget to reach my audience?
How much budget to reach my audience?
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You can define your budget according to the size of the region (town, canton or Switzerland) you wish to cover with your advertisement and how many distribution channels you wish to use (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter - min 5.-/day; Linkedin 10.-/day).

We recommend a minimum budget of CHF 50 per month for a little visibility.

With this amount, you will be able to reach an average of 5000 people in your region.

From CHF 100/month, you can reach an average of 10,000 people in your region or throughout Switzerland.

If you would like a boost in visibility, you should allow CHF 500/month to reach more than 100,000 people in Switzerland.

It is important to run an ad campaign over the year, because more than the budget, it is the regularity with which the public will be exposed to your ad that will make the difference.

Also note that an average of 2% of your annual turnover should be spent on advertising. The Confederation also recommends that entrepreneurs invest CHF 20.-/day in digital advertising.

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