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How much does Amplify charge me for its service?
How much does Amplify charge me for its service?
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Amplify offers three Plans and service levels:

1. STARTER: For one-time users who want some visibility or to test our services. The minimum advertising budget is CHF 50. Our service fee is a 20% commission on the advertising budget you spend monthly on amplify.

2. PLUS: For users who want to develop their customer base and establish their brand image. The subscription price is CHF 39/month and includes unlimited access to all platform features, including Google Ads and Facebook connect (not available to STARTER users). No commission is charged on the advertising budget.

3. PREMIUM: For users who want to benefit from personalized marketing services and advice. Contact us and we will make you a personalized offer according to your needs.

For more details, visit our "pricing" page with the details of our services according to the package you choose.

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