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How can I improve the performance of my destination page?
How can I improve the performance of my destination page?
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The performance of your advertisement is based on two elements :

  • The quality of your advertisement

  • The quality of your landing page

In this article we will focus on the second point,

How can I improve the performance of my landing page?

There are several types of landing pages:

  • Landing page

  • E-commerce website

  • Showcase site

  • Blog article


The first question you need to ask yourself is whether your landing page easily achieves the goal you want to reach.

Let's take a look at the following example:

You advertise your private yoga classes and you propose a discovery call/meeting.

The question you need to ask yourself is: is it possible to book a class directly and easily? Is my button easy to find? Is it synchronized with my calendar?

In general, we recommend that you eliminate any friction there may be. That is to say all the elements, even the smallest ones, that make your visitor sigh because they require him to make an unnecessary effort.

If I take the previous example, picking up the phone and making a phone call to book an appointment is a superfluous effort in 2021. Hence the online reservation.

But eliminating friction isn't everything, you still need to know what to say...

The essential elements of a landing page

In general, your landing page should have as few distracting elements as possible. Anything that distracts the visitor from the requested goal is too much.

On an e-commerce site

If you are on an e-commerce site for example, make sure your site is designed to maximize your conversion rate:

  • Do you indicate the terms of delivery? (the faster the better)

  • Do you reassure your credibility and seriousness by providing customer testimonials? By giving a phone number, an email, an address to contact you?

  • Do you have a system for recovering abandoned shopping carts by email?

  • Does your site load quickly (less than 3 seconds)?

  • Etc.

On a landing page

If you send your visitors back to a landing page, make sure that :

  • You have your logo visible

  • You have a clear, immediate, easy-to-understand value proposition,

  • That you offer something (an advantage, a gift, a discount, etc.) to those who will give you their emails.

  • That you have an attractive visual that illustrates your service

  • That you have testimonials from satisfied customers

  • That your page loads quickly (less than 3 seconds)

  • That you use the vocabulary of your visitors

Last but not least, think about...

...testing your pages!

The key to success is based on a single concept: test, test again and again.

In concrete terms, this means that you must test several variants of your pages. You must test different texts, images, visuals, colors, call to action, size, etc...

This is the only way to find a winning combination.

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