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Google Ads Search VS Google Ads Display
Google Ads Search VS Google Ads Display

Explanation of the different ad network Google Search and Google Display

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Google Ads let you distribute your ads on their two different networks:

Google Ads Search

You can distribute your ads on Google Search Engine, based on the search terms that the user used.

This is a highly efficient way to promote your product/service to someone that asked for the same product/service.

In Europe more than 90% of search engines users, use Google. Google's monopoly on search requests, gives you an amazing tool to promote your product/service.

Example of Google Search ad:

Google Ads Display

The Google Ads Display distribution network is different from Google Search, as it let you distribute your ads on more than 2 millions websites.

Google propose their platform to website owners, so they can show Google Display ads on their website to monetize it.

For example, uses Google Display on their website. So you can distribute your ad for your Swiss based shop to a Swiss user that visits

Google Display Ads are principally image ads, but can also be text ads.

Here is an example of different Google Display ads:


Google Ads Search and Google Ads Display offer two different kind of advertisement.

Google Ads Search will show hyper contextual ads. If I'm searching for "Holidays in Hawaii", and that the first result is an ad saying "Special offer holidays in Hawaii", it will be very tempting to click on it, because it's exactly what I'm looking for right now.
That's why Google Ads Search are very efficient.

On the other side, if nobody is searching for "Holidays in Hawaii" on Google Search, nobody will see the ad "Special offer holidays in Hawaii".
That's why Google Ads Display is complementary to Google Ads Search, you can still distribute your ad on the Google Display Network, and users will see your ad on other websites. This is a very good way to present your offer and services to people that were not looking specifically for your offer at this moment.

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